“Ryo, can we please remove the blindfold now.”

Tomoko’s voice is little more than a muffled moan.

She can feel two hands loosen the blindfold, and suddenly her sight is back. It has excited her not being able to see who is touching her and where, but it is also a relief to be able to see normally again.

The face in front of her and between her legs is that of a beautiful young woman. The woman has long, chestnut colored hair. Vaguely bleached, but nowhere near as extreme as that of many young Japanese women. She has perfect, almond-shaped eyes, long eyelashes, a cute little nosetip, and sensual lips forming a big smile. Her lipstick is a discreet burgundy color, in no way vulgar, but rather classy. In fact, the face reminds her of Erica, albeit in a more mature version, of course.

“Hi, my name is Ai.”

The face and the sensual lips greeting her are completely unfazed by the situation. It is as if this is the most natural and normal situation for meeting a complete stranger.

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