”Bam!” The sound reverberates around the classroom as Linda, facing the noisy and unruly teenagers at her Østerbro high school, slams the heavy text book in Intermediate Organic Chemistry into her teacher’s desk.

”Come on now, get a grip! Exams are less than a month away, and this was your last chance to brush up on the curriculum.”

Most of the disrespectful students in 2.Y actually appear to pay attention to what she is saying now. Probably, the combination of the sudden sound wave from her desk with the keyword ”exams” was able to penetrate their hormone-addled teenage brains. Linda is feeling a bit ambivalent about her job as a high school teacher. On the one hand, she cares deeply about supporting the academic and personal development of her students, especially those experiencing some problems for a variety of reasons. If she can help them succeed by going the extra mile, it gives her great professional and personal satisfaction. On the other hand, she can get really upset when a few bad apples in her classes ruin everything for the rest of the students, and let’s face it, some of those bad apples should never have been admitted in the first place.

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