“Densha ga mairimasu”. The train is speeding towards the platform. Is he really going to do it? Weeks have passed since his last day at work. Yet every morning Takeda-san has put on his suit and tie, kissed his wife and kids goodbye, and jumped on the Rinkai line taking him downtown from their 3-bedroom mansion on the 32nd floor of the posh residential complex near Aqua City at Odaiba, the artificial island in Tokyo Bay. After having lost his job, it no longer makes sense going to Shinjuku Park Tower where he used to work in a start-up developing mobile apps. Instead he goes to the famous parks of Tokyo, finds a bench with a nice view, drinks a cup of coffee, and simply observes people around him while reflecting on his life. In particular, he likes Yoyogi park near Harajuku. He enjoys watching the foliage around the trees, the fountain, the many people jogging, the uniformed and giggling high-school students with white leg warmers. Even the foreign tourists and the activist college students. Every day provides him with a new experience.

He has almost forgotten the impending monthly payment on his mortgage. It will soon be the 27th. There will be insufficient funds in his Mitsubishi UFJ account. A written reminder will find its way into their apartment mailbox, his wife will demand an explanation, and he will be in a tight spot.

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