Linda is no big fan of techno but the grandeur of the venue and the guests around her combined with her degree of intoxication is putting her into a trance-like condition. It feels like a part of her is floating above the dance floor, a levitated spectator to events on the ground. She is powerfully attracted to Tanaka now, wanting to spirit him away to a serene and deserted place, melt into him and become one. She pulls him close again, whispering to his ear.

”I want you, all of you. Let me drink your soul.”

Linda is surprised at her own words. Where do they come from? It’s like she is temporarily possessed by some other-worldly spirit from another plane of existence. Like she is blinking in and out of this world in sync with the flashing stroboscope disco lights, and while she is floating on the cosmic ocean of that other plane, ageless and multidimensional spirits whisper arcane words of wisdom into her ears for her to take back with her into this world. It is an almost Interstellar feeling of having all strands of time and space available to her. Tanaka looks a bit scared for a moment, as if waiting for her to bare her fangs, bite him, and bleed him dry like another vampire. He is anxiously eyeing the ceiling of the ballroom, perhaps fearful that the masquerade is really organized by some secret vampire coven who will soon activate a bloody sprinkler system trapping him in a vampiric nightmare like that immortal scene in Blade.

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