Even bosses cannot procrastinate forever. Wednesday morning, Yumiko just has to go to the Harajuku office in person, and of course she meets Nishiyama in the elevator going up to the company floor. He is as well-dressed, polite, and handsome as he was when she left him Friday night. Yet he seems a bit more sassy than usually, and he has a wink in the eye when he addresses her.

”Good morning, shacho-san. Or dare I say Yumiko-san?”

”Shh. Nishiyama-san, this is our little secret, right? Lucky for you, we are alone in the elevator. If not, I might have had to sack you for sexual harassment.”

”Sekuhara? Hey, you were the one who…”

Yumiko glances at the archaic plastic panel with white squares lighting up one by one, indicating which floor they are on. They have only reached the 3rd floor. She takes a snap decision and does something she has fantasized about doing ever since the incident in the office Friday night. She puts her arm around Nishiyama’s back, pulls him close, and gives him a second kiss.

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