The Tokyo Trilogy, volume 3: “Serenade of Souls”

In Serenade of Souls, the final instalment of The Tokyo Trilogy, most of the love stories started in the previous volumes reach their suspenseful conclusions. Another five years have gone by, and Shoko is now the oyabun, or clan head, of the Hashimoto family. Her attempts to revamp and rebrand the crime syndicate as a slick and modern corporation meet with resistance, and unrest is brewing within her organization as a conspiracy to topple her is unfolding. Linda for her part is back in Tokyo, but she now faces competition in her attempts to win back Tanaka’s heart. She confides in Ai, her old colleague from The Library, who in turn gets back in touch with her ex-boyfriend, Ryo, whom she broke up with in volume one. Finally, Shoko is not only faced with an insurrection, she also has to make a choice between her two former roommates, Kenji and Masayoshi, who are both vying for her romantic attention.